Glass Candle Jars

Our extensive range of stunning glass candle jars and votives are great for at-home creatives as well as Etsy shop owners and large-scale aromatherapy retailers. Our votives and jars suit a wide range of candle types and craft ideas. From our simple, stylish glass votives, to our heavy duty classic glass candle jars, you’re sure to find the perfect container to suit your needs.

All of our jars and votives are made using high quality clear glass, which offers a thick base for your container. It also has a luxury feel that adds extra value to your branded products. All our candle jars are perfect for the stunning presentation of scented and coloured candles, wedding favours, shots, spirits and much more!

All of our glass candle jars are suitable for hot fill, and our votives are perfect for displaying tealights in. But you don’t have to stay inside the box – you can easily get creative with these attractive jars! Take one of our large classic glass candle jars and fill it with fairy lights to create a stunning table centrepiece.

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