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Maidao Glass is a wine glass bottle manufacturer that supplies wholesale glass wine bottles in multiple colors that are UV protected. Some of our products include blue wine bottles, red wine bottles, green wine bottles, dark wine bottles, champagne bottles, and more. We also have mini wine bottles and small wine bottles available. We all know that glass is the best option for beverage containers, especially wine since it is heat-resistant and pressure-resistant. Besides, glass bottles have stable structures, and BPA-free compared to plastics. As your reliable wine glass bottle manufacturer, we offer glass containers for wine that are available in different designs with a volume capacity of 750ml. These durable, heavy glass and thick bottom wine bottles can be used as gifts and souvenirs. For closures, we prefer to provide corks rather than standard screw lids because they denote a traditional look and yields better essence containment of the products.

If you are in search of glass wine bottles for sale, Maidao Glass can provide you an extensive range of selections that will appeal to your personal or business needs. If you are looking for something that is not listed above, please contact us.

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