Glass Roller Bottles

Rollerball vials offer good packaging to distribute your oils or fragrances in a way that offers convenience to end users. Comprising narrow glass tubes fitted with rollerballs at one end, they conveniently apply just the right amount of essential oils, fragrances, and other liquids to the skin. Berlin Packaging offers a complete range of items in a variety of sizes, styles, cap types, and colors, including clear and amber rollerball bottles.

The Varied World of Rollerball Vials
Rollerball vials may be used to apply aromatherapy blends to various parts of the body with precision and without mess. They’re also ideal for use as perfume vials, allowing users to quickly rub on fragrances anytime. One reason for their popularity is their sleek form, which makes them easy for users to carry around and apply as needed. They can be easily slipped in a pocket or small bag and taken out for use as needed without spillage. Opt for dropper bottles and vials if you want to include an alternative method of application in your product lines.

Caps for Rollerball Vials
Choose from items with either flip-top or screw caps depending on your needs. Caps are made from rugged polypropylene to help keep contents secure. Maidao Glass stocks glass round rollerball bottles with a range of cap colors including black, white, silver, and green.

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