Glass Spice Jars

Spice industry is booming more than ever before. If you’re looking to profit from your own select blends of spices, herbs, and seasonings, Maidao Glass has the glass spice jars you need to get started. With a large selection of durable containers.

View our collection of Spice Dispensing Caps or standard Spice Caps. Whether you need a small spice jar for use in the kitchen or a bulk container for restaurant applications, shop our selection below to find the best glass spice jar for your needs! – at factory Pricing!

Spice Jars are available in a variety of neck sizes and finishes to make the manufacturing process simple and efficient. Whether you’re looking for a wide-mouth jar or a small-mouth bottle, our packaging experts will help you find a solution for every type of spice blend you offer.

It’s also important to choose the perfect closure, and Maidao Glass has many of them to choose from. Every spice bottle or jar needs a high-quality, durable dispensing cap that complements its contents.

You may also wish to custom glass spice jars for your brand, it’s easy to reach, please contact us feel free.

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