Olive Oil Bottle

Maidao Glass is a reliable olive oil bottle manufacturer in China.

At Maidao Glass, you’ll find a vast selection of glass olive oilbottles that are perfect for packaging olive oil. In addition to clear bottles that show consumers the natural colors and textures of your unique product, we also provide amber-colored bottles that can highlight the rich appearance of olive oil.

Another priority for producers of olive oil is having access to a broad variety of bottle shapes and sizes. We offer several different sizes of bottles that work well for culinary use, from small eight-ounce containers to larger bottles that can hold 12 to 16 ounces of olive oil.

You can also choose from a variety of bottle shapes. Maidao Glass sells thin glass bottles with long necks, square bottles with wide mouths, round glass bottles, and more. You also have many different options for enclosures — from classic cork finishes to wooden stoppers to metal or plastic caps, we have closures that suit many aesthetic and practical uses. We even offer pour spouts to provide that extra layer of class and functionality to an olive oil bottle.

Whether your olive oil business is a large or small operation, we can satisfy your packaging needs.

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