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From clear, golden amber honey to buckwheat honey in rich, warm brown, honey jars display the beauty and preserve the taste of this nectar from nature. Create a buzz with plastic and glass honey jars in engaging shapes like the nostalgic honey bear, traditional skep jars, hexagon glass jars, square, bulb, round jars and more from Maidao Glass.

Whether you operate a small backyard beekeeping operation or a large commercial facility, you need the right packaging to display your honey to consumers. That’s where Maidao Glass comes in. With our broad selection of glass jars, you can find the perfect solution to any packaging problem. f you’re looking for a classic glass honey jar we have many excellent options to choose from. Whether you want a wide straight-sided jar, a round jelly-style jar, a wide-mouth contoured oblong container, or a sleek taller bottle, we have a number of glass containers to suit your needs. Ranging from small 0.75oz sample jars to larger 12oz or 16oz options, our clear glass jars display the beautiful colors and textures of your honey to potential consumers. If you want custom glass honey jar for your homegrown honey, feel free to contact our Glass honey jar experts today. We can help you decide custom glass honey jar for your product, and get you on your way to distributing your delicious honey as soon as possible.

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