The circular economy is at the heart of Maidao Glass strategy and we are convinced that glass is one of the most sustainable materials. To this end, we are working with all our stakeholders in the following three areas:

  • Help increase glass collection by supporting, raising awareness and mobilizing the various players involved in this collection to integrate more and more recycled glass into our productions.
  • Work on optimizing the integration of external cullet by continuing to invest in our dedicated processing centers, but also in the work of all our cullet specialists so that quality and quantity improve every year, worldwide, taking into account all local characteristics and differences.
  • Finally, make reuse a win-win solution for the planet and the glass packaging we believe in. The goal is to perpetuate local loops offering the reuse of glass packaging whenever possible.

“The 20th century saw the development of a consumer society that dramatically increased its use of natural resources by a factor of 10. The circular economy targets the frugal and efficient management of resources. The future should therefore lead to a profound change in organizations (both local and global) and lifestyles.”